About ourselves

  • Our vision and values

    Formed in 2000, we are a very close knit group of associates who are passionate about excellence, having over many years seen its benefits to customers, clients, employees and the business bottom line.

    ley-hill-vision-2016Our Vision is to be one of Europe’s most innovative consultancy organisations specialising in the solutions and methods to improve the way your organisation works and performs.

    Our Values are straightforward

        • Professional
        • Practical
        • Flexible
        • Effective
        • Trustworthy
  • How we work

    ley hill solutions is a member of the EFQM. We have more consultants who are EFQM Licensed Advisors and EFQM Master Assessors than any other European consultancy. In line with our absolute belief in total quality and business excellence management principles, we have adopted the following best practice consultancy behaviours

    • protecting  the interests of our clients at all times
    • clearly defining and agreeing the terms of engagement
    • accepting only assignments we are qualified to perform
    • disclosing to clients or potential clients any relevant information which might influence our engagement or our work
    • ensuring that the work performed meets the aims and requirements agreed with the client

    We do not believe in the concept of “off the shelf” management products, but rather recognise the unique individuality of every organisation and believe it is vitally important to properly understand your needs and develop appropriate specific solutions. For this reason, the consultant you first meet to discuss a proposal will always be involved throughout in delivering the project, including hands on-support throughout the implementation period to ensure that the solutions we develop for you will enable you to achieve sustainable and measurable benefits.

  • Reasons to choose us

    • Professional senior quality management expertise e.g.
      • our assessors have undertaken over 150 EFQM Excellence Model Assessments at all levels, including the assessment of many award winning organisations
      • our consultants cover a diverse range of ISO Management System Standards and we have many satisfied clients achieving these standards
    • Practical solutions that work for you
    • Frees up your people to do what they do best
    • Tailor-made solutions to your problems
    • Experience of small, medium and large organisations in private, public and not-for-profit sectors
    • History of satisfied customers
    • Long term benefits not quick fixes
    • Flexible, effective and value for money
    • Support for you when you need it
    • Great to work with
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