EFQM Ambassadors

  • Who we are

    EFQM Ambassadors are experts from the EFQM Licenced Advisor Community, who, as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience in the application of the EFQM Excellence Model, also have excellent knowledge of the region and markets they are active in.

    Our primary aim is to encourage and support EFQM Members in our region, enabling the EFQM to offer more direct support to organisations interested in the EFQM Excellence Model or actively using it already and, of course, specifically to EFQM Member organisations. We can also help organisations through the process of joining the EFQM Global Excellence Index and becoming widely recognised as a role model for others.


    Graham Hull

    Tom McCormick

    Tom McCormick

    These are our Associates who are the EFQM  Ambassadors in the UK.

    Click on their pictures to learn more about them.


    Should you not be in the UK please go to the EFQM Ambassador page to find an Ambassador in your region.

    For formal EFQM training and recognition programmes you may also contact the British Quality Foundation (BQF) in the UK who will be able to assist you with these areas. The BQF is the EFQM Primary partner in the UK and delivers the full EFQM training portfolio, the national recognition scheme (Levels of Excellence) and the UK Excellence Award, which is based on the EFQM Excellence Model.

  • The benefits of joining the EFQM

    • Unlimited access to learn from the EFQM Knowledge Base, which contains good practice from many excellent and successful organisations, plus useful improvement and assessment guides, tools and techniques
    • Networking with other EFQM Members worldwide, including good practice visits, webinars, seminars and forums
    • Each member organisation has an assigned Account Manager to help you stay informed about any new and existing training, events, publications etc. and who can also connect you directly to other EFQM Members and solutions
    • As an EFQM Member, you also benefit from discounts on their comprehensive range of products and services
    • Affordable for all – there are A,B,C and D categories of membership, with fees based on your organisation’s annual turnover and some additional benefits for higher scale members

    TO LEARN MORE about the benefits of joining the EFQM, go to the Members area of the EFQM website or you can click here, answer 6 simple questions and find out how the EFQM can help you on your journey to Excellence.


  • How we can support and help you

    Whether you are new to the excellence journey or have been on your way for many years, there is an EFQM Ambassador ready to share their experience and wisdom with you and to provide the answers to your questions about the EFQM. If you are not already a member organisation, we can also answer your questions about why and how to join.

    When joining the EFQM, we will be with you right from the start. We will build and maintain a relationship with you, providing support and helping you get the very best out of your EFQM membership. You will have the benefit of our extensive experience in using the EFQM Excellence Model to provide performance improvement and tangible business benefit.

    For the larger A and B category members (see above right), as part of the EFQM Membership contract, we will deliver to you the “EFQM Member Workshop” in the first year of joining the EFQM and in the following years support an additional workshop each year, based on members’ needs. The workshop will look specifically at your needs, the products and services of the EFQM which can best support those needs and how you can grow on your journey of excellence.

    Should you need additional support for internal assessments, strategic decision making workshops or even preparing submissions for recognition and awards, we can help you with all these areas subject to negotiating separate support packages.

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    Full list of current and previous winners of the European and UK excellence awards.

    EFQM Award: see who has won the 2017 Award and have a look at the recognition book showcasing all the prize winners. It contains some very useful learning points for anyone who wishes to improve their own performance.

    The EFQM Global Excellence Index

    Research into financial benefits of using the EFQM Model: Extensive research shows that Excellence models and the effective use of basic TQM principles have economic value and can even have a direct effect on the bottom line. Two examples are this scientific study by Armin Wiedenegger, supported by Franz-Peter Walder and this British Quality Foundation White Paper summary.

    In addition, a University of Leicester study showed that greater sales, better use of assets, improved operating performance and more motivated employees were the results of using this type of approach. Over the longer term greater profits and market share led to an increase in stock prices as well. TQM & Financial performance – University of Leicester