EFQM Global Excellence Index

  • What is the EFQM Global Excellence Index?

    The EFQM Global Excellence Index is a unique multi-purpose platform developed by the EFQM to recognise the world’s best performing organisations, enhancing their global visibility as drivers for Excellence. To join the EFQM Global Excellence Index your organisation needs to go through an assessment against the EFQM Excellence Model with the level in the Index being determined by the EFQM RADAR scoring within the Model:

    • Platinum – over 700 points
    • Gold – over 600 points
    • Silver – over 500 points
    • Bronze – over 300 points
  • The benefits of joining the EFQM Global Excellence Index

    • allows individuals and organisations to gain a deeper understanding of how to become leaders for Excellence
    • provides recognition for you as one of the world’s best performing organisations
    • enhances the visibility and image of your organisation
    • promotes your organisation as a role model for best practice
    • enables benchmarking  with other excellent organisations


  • How we can help you join the EFQM Global Excellence Index

    In order to join the Index you will need to undergo an assessment against the EFQM Excellence Model. Although it is perfectly possible for you to prepare for this yourselves, it can be both daunting and time consuming, especially if you are new to using the Model as a strategic business excellence tool. This is where our experience can prove invaluable.

    As the only consultancy currently providing EFQM Ambassadors for the UK, we have experienced people in all areas and at all levels of usage of the EFQM Excellence model, from its use in strategic development to its facilitation of improvement at working level. We also have more consultants who are EFQM Licensed Advisors and EFQM Master Assessors than any other European consultancy and are confident we are the best people to help you with preparing for an assessment.

    Also, we have a very good and close working relationship with the EFQM and can help you go smoothly through the whole process of joining the Index,

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    Full list of current and previous winners of the European and UK excellence awards.

    EFQM Award: see who has won the 2017 Award and have a look at the recognition book showcasing all the prize winners. It contains some very useful learning points for anyone who wishes to improve their own performance.

    Research into financial benefits of using the EFQM Model: Extensive research shows that Excellence models and the effective use of basic TQM principles have economic value and can even have a direct effect on the bottom line. Two examples are this scientific study by Armin Wiedenegger, supported by Franz-Peter Walder and this British Quality Foundation White Paper summary.

    In addition, a University of Leicester study showed that greater sales, better use of assets, improved operating performance and more motivated employees were the results of using this type of approach. Over the longer term greater profits and market share led to an increase in stock prices as well. TQM & Financial performance – University of Leicester