EFQM Model

  • What is the EFQM Model?

    Since its inception in 1991, the EFQM (Excellence) Model has provided a blueprint for organisations aiming to develop a culture of performance and innovation that will lead to sustainably excellent results. It is continually being developed to ensure relevance and effectiveness in an ever changing global environment, with major revisions published in 1999, 2003, 2010 and most recently The EFQM Model 2020.

    This latest Model allows organisations and individuals to embrace change, drive performance and evolve for the future.

    Free short copy available to download

    To give you a better idea of what the new EFQM Model is like, there is a brochure, currently available in several languages and free to download from the EFQM website, that gives a shortened version of the full copy. To get yours click here.

  • EFQM Model 2020
  • What are its benefits?

    • helps define your purpose
    • helps create your culture
    • helps forge strong leaders
    • helps transform your organisation
    • helps foster agile practices
    • helps address unique organisational challenges
    • helps forecast the future


  • How we can help

    We have experienced people in all areas and at all levels of usage of the EFQM Model, from its use in strategic development to its facilitation of improvement at working level. We also have more consultants who are EFQM Licensed Advisors and EFQM Master Assessors than any other European consultancy and are confident we are the best people to help you gain real, tangible benefit from its use.