EFQM Excellence Model

  • What is the EFQM Excellence model?

    The EFQM Excellence Model is used worldwide for both assessing and improving the performance of organisations so that they can achieve a sustainable advantage, as well as being used as the assessment framework for many regional and national awards, such as the Europe-wide EFQM Excellence Award. It has 3 key aspects (see diagrams above and right). These areradar-diagram

    • the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence
    • the Model framework – 9 criteria to address in order to achieve true excellence
    • the RADAR assessment tool

    A frequently asked question about using the Model is “How do you know it really works?”

    Research has shown that organisations using tools such as the EFQM Excellence Model consistently outperform those that do not. (More detail is provided about this in related links below right). The research showed that greater sales, better use of assets, improved operating performance and more motivated employees were the results. Customers were delighted with the product or service more often and showed increased loyalty and intention to repurchase.Over the longer term greater profits and market share led to an increase in stock prices as well.

  • What are its benefits?

    • provides the basis for sustainable excellence
    • provides a framework which covers the whole organisation and everything it does
    • allows the organisation to take a hard look at itself – as in a mirror
    • generates improvement activity from a systematic method of self-assessment
    • provides the capability to track and measure progress through a robust scoring methodology
    • gives an opportunity to translate internal assessment data directly into the formats used by National and European award and recognition programmes, should the organisation wish to apply for these awards
    • effectively used, can produce hard bottom-line benefits (see links to research on this below)
    • gives an opportunity to engage, recognise and motivate people
    • provides an opportunity to benchmark and compare processes and results with other users (is applicable to all organisations and widely used throughout Europe)
    • can be used in conjunction with the EFQM Global Excellence Index to gain a deeper understanding of how to become a world leader in Excellence
  • How we can help you use it to achieve excellent performance

    As the only consultancy currently providing EFQM Ambassadors for the UK, we can provide experienced people in all areas and at all levels of usage of the EFQM Excellence model, from its use in strategic development to its facilitation of improvement at working level. Our people have actually used these techniques for real and have discovered both the great benefits and some of the pitfalls along the way and how to avoid them. We also have more consultants who are EFQM Licensed Advisors and EFQM Master Assessors than any other European consultancy and have a wealth of experience in

    • working with organisations in all sectors, both in the UK and Europe, to develop and implement management systems based on the EFQM Excellence Model, including integration and compatibility with existing systems
    • delivering bespoke training on the EFQM Excellence Model
    • supporting organisations to achieve EFQM Committed to Excellence and Recognised for Excellence
    • as UK and EFQM Excellence award assessors, guiding people through self-assessments, external recognition validations and applications for these and similar national and regional awards
    • helping to embed the required skills and processes
    • providing continuing support over the longer term and facilitation for specific improvement projects

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    Research into financial benefits of using the EFQM Model: Extensive research shows that Excellence models and the effective use of basic TQM principles have economic value and can even have a direct effect on the bottom line. Two examples are this scientific study by Armin Wiedenegger, supported by Franz-Peter Walder and this British Quality Foundation White Paper summary.

    In addition, a University of Leicester study showed that greater sales, better use of assets, improved operating performance and more motivated employees were the results of using this type of approach. Over the longer term greater profits and market share led to an increase in stock prices as well. TQM & Financial performance – University of Leicester