Employee Perception Surveys

  • What are employee perception surveys?

    Employee perception surveys are an important and popular tool used to gain employee feedback. They can be morale-boosting for those who may not have many other opportunities to confidentially express their views and can improve levels of productivity and commitment by identifying the root causes of workplace attitudes and employee dissatisfaction, which can then be targeted for improvement,  allowing you to boost the productivity of your organisation. Their main characteristics are –

    • they seek the opinions of and/or levels of satisfaction of an organisation’s people
    • often, but not always, done in the form of a paper or, more recently, electronic questionnaire, which asks the employee to rate the organisation on a number of key factors
    • answers can be sought on a given scale (e.g. 0-5, satisfied/dissatisfied, agree/disagree) or in the form of written opinions/suggestions in answer to more open-ended questions
    • alternatives to paper/electronic questionnaires are –

    – telephone surveys – either scripted (like the questionnaire, only the questions are asked verbally) or semi-scripted (areas to explore are specified, but the conversation is more open-ended and two-way)

    – face to face interviews with individual employees

    – group feedback sessions with a number of employees and one interviewer/facilitator

  • What are their benefits?

    • help you to understand what is important to your employees and how they rate you in those areas that are important to them
    • help you to identify key improvement opportunities in the way you manage and develop your people and, done regularly, allow you to track the impact of improvement activity in this area
    • used properly, will lead to more satisfied employees that  are consequently

    – more likely to perform better

    – more likely to provide service value to customers, resulting in more satisfied and loyal customers

    – less likely to leave your organisation

  • How we can help you understand what your employees really think of you

    To make sure employees are open and honest, they must be assured that their opinions are kept confidential. This can best be achieved by getting a totally independent party to help design and conduct the survey, which is where we can help. We have experts in the design, implementation and analysis of employee perception surveys and can help by –

    • tailoring the survey for your own organisation (although sometimes some standard questions may be required to enable industry benchmarking)
    • involving your employees in designing as well as answering the questions, to make sure you are asking them about the things that are most important in determining their satisfaction levels
    • running the survey for you, including any issuing and collation of questionnaires, telephoning or interviewing, plus helping you analyse and interpret the data collected
    • ensuring confidence in the total confidentiality of all replies
    • alternatively, running a workshop for your organisation to show you how to design and use employee perception surveys

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