RISQS (for suppliers to the UK rail industry)

  • What is RISQS?

    The Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme  (RISQS) is used by buyers of products and services throughout the UK rail industry and it is mandatory that you are on the RISQS register if you wish to supply to this industry. Sponsored by The Rail Industry and Standards Board, it audits and assesses suppliers to pre-qualify them to work with over 100 buying organisations.The Board have chosen Achilles Information Ltd, who ran Link-up, the predecessor of RISQS, to carry on providing audit services and access to its related IT platform.

    A potential supplier can use RISQS to register an ‘expression of interest’ in supplying particular products or services to the rail industry and qualify their organisation to supply them.

    • Registration is the process to enable organisations to register their interest in becoming a supplier.
    • Qualification is the process to determine whether or not a supplier, or potential supplier, meets a predetermined set of criteria.

    Many (though not all) service categories will be audited against the Industry Minimum Standards in order to meet the qualification requirements and will need to have a documented management system and supporting procedures in place.

  • What are its benefits?

    If you are a supplier it

    • allows you to supply to the UK rail industry
    • makes you very visible to the UK rail industry, supporting you in trying to win new business
    • enables you to gain supplier assurance for a large number of potential buyers

    If you are a buyer it

    • provides an IT platform for you to search for potential suppliers based on their products, services, skills, size and location and their credentials in delivering safety and quality
    • provides mandatory supplier assurance for a wide range of potential  suppliers
  • How we can help you become RISQS registered and qualified

    We are RISQS qualified suppliers ourselves and risqs-logo-with-supplier-numberhave experts who can

    • work with you to develop or align your management systems to meet Achilles audit requirements, effectively integrating these within your organisation and, if appropriate, with management systems based on other standards (e.g. OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001)
    • help you document processes and procedures, as required
    • train managers and staff in RISQS requirements and appropriate internal auditing against the standard
    • help managers and staff prepare for Achilles audits and maintain compliance in the longer term

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