Training & Workshops

  • Training provided

    We give you the option of training appropriate people in your organisation as part of the delivery of all our projects. E.g. if we were helping you implement a standard such as ISO 14001, as part of helping you to understand and meet the requirements of the standard, we could provide training workshops for those people in your organisation who would be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the standard.

    We can also offer training as a stand-alone service. E.g. if you had people who needed training to become lead auditors for standards such as ISO 14001, or to raise awareness and help your people to think pro-actively about how they can eliminate or minimise risks and potential threats that may impact on safety and security.

    We are able to put together a bespoke training  course for you, either to be delivered on your premises or at a suitable venue and either solely for your organisation (if you had sufficient people requiring training) or to be shared with other clients.

  • Examples of courses and workshops we have experience in running

    N.B.  We have training experience in all areas in which we offer consultancy services. The following is not an exhaustive list.

    • ISO standards internal auditor training
    • ISO standards Lead Auditor training
    • auditor transition training for updated versions of standards (e.g.ISO 900I:2015 & 14001:2015)
    • crisis/incident/emergency response workshops (using crisis simulation exercises)
    • security awareness training
    • security planning workshops
    • cascade training in multi-level organisations (e.g. on introduction of standards and excellence frameworks)
    • strategy development workshops
    • process and performance improvement workshops
    • training in improvement tools and techniques (e.g. Plan Do Check Act, Balanced Scorecard)
  • Tell us what you need

    We believe our courses and workshops offer excellent value for money, comparing very favourably with other top quality providers in terms of both quality and price.

    Contact us now to enquire about particular requirements such as nature of training, numbers of people, location and prices.

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  • Our training partners

    To ensure the highest possible quality of training, where we do not have experts of our own available at the time, we will work in tandem with our training partners, who have particular expertise in the type of training to be delivered e.g. SGS

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